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Communicating With Road Users

TCPs should only speak with road users when absolutely necessary and safe to do so.

Verbal communications should be limited as taking time to speak with a road user can distract you from your job and could potentially place yourself or other road users in a dangerous situation.

Pedestrians, cyclists and drivers are often not aware of the hazards that exist within work zones and may be upset for other reasons – Anger and insults are not directed at you personally - Remember you are there to help people.

If you must speak with a road user:


  • Keep yourself and others safe.
  • Stay at your post.
  • Keep conversations brief.
  • Be respectful and professional.
  • Remain clear of pinch points and active traffic.
  • Be ready to use your escape route.
  • Listen, let them speak.
  • Empathize - use phrases like, sorry for the delay.
  • Confirm that the road user is receiving the correct message.
  • Release an angry or frustrated driver as soon as possible.

If problems arise, immediately notify your traffic control supervisor.


  • Place your body in front of a vehicle.
  • Challenge / argue with an angry motorist.
  • Make them wait longer than necessary.