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Working in Cold Weather

Working in Cold Weather

When working in cold weather:

  • Dress in loose-fitting layers that trap heat but not moisture:
    1. An inner layer that wicks sweat away from the skin.
    2. A middle insulating layer.
    3. A wind / waterproof outer layer (avoid cotton as it absorbs moisture).
  • Wear gloves, warm waterproof safety boots, hard hat liner and neck warmer to protect your extremities (no hoddies).
  • Drink plenty of warm, sweetened fluids before and during your shift (no alcohol).
  • Get plenty to eat, bring food, carry a snack. Carbohydrates can give you quick energy, while foods with protein or fat can fuel you for many hours.
  • Know the signs and symptoms of cold stress, monitor yourself and others. If symptoms are detected notify your supervisor or first aid.