Traffic Control Person Hip Guide

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Work Smart & Work Safe

Working Around Mobile Equipment

Safe Work Practices:

  • Introduce yourself to the operator.
  • Inform the crew if you are new or have not worked with the type of equipment before.
  • Review the hazards and risks associated with the equipment.
  • Review safe work practices and procedures.
  • Identify a safe control position that is in view of the operator and has an escape route.
  • Inform the operator of your control position and let him know that you will stop traffic only when safe to do so.
  • Confirm signals between TCPs and equipment operators before starting work.
  • Review emergency stop signals and procedures.
  • Review job plans – material storage, truck staging, other equipment on site.
  • Note the location of overhead or underground utilities.
  • Have and use required PPE such as hearing protection, safety glasses, respirator.
  • Carry a whistle.