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Device Placement Guidelines

Installation and removal of temporary traffic control devices must be done by persons with applicable training.

  • The devices must be: "Installed and removed in a sequence that best protects workers during each phase of a traffic control operation". (OHSR 18.5)
    Always face traffic when placing or removing traffic control devices, remain alert and maintain a safe escape route.
  • Always install devices in accordance with the traffic control plan.
  • Use extreme caution as drivers may not expect to see workers on the road before devices are set up.
  • Place signs before channelization devices – in the order the road user will encounter them and in a sequence that best protects workers.
  • If adjustments are required, document and confirm with your traffic control supervisor.
  • When work is complete and equipment and workers are off the road, remove channelization devices in the reverse order of which they were installed before removing the temporary warning signs.

Device Placement Guidelines

  • Consider all road users.
  • Signs must be visible and should not block the sight lines of other road users.
  • Signs and devices should not block pedestrian or bicycle paths, driveway access or the travelled portion of the roadway.
  • When possible a lateral clearance of 60 cm should be maintained between the edge of the sign and the travelled way.
  • When possible place signs on both sides of multilane roads.
  • Traffic control devices should be spaced to prevent gaps that could mislead drivers.
  • If space allows, larger dimension signs must be used where speeds are 70 km or greater.
  • Permanent traffic signs that do not apply should be removed or covered. (Permission from the road authority is required).
  • If short city blocks, may make it necessary to shorten the recommended device placement distance, additional advanced warning signage may be required to ensure that drivers have time to respond to the changing conditions.
  • Sandbags/weights may be used to stabilize the base of signs and devices to secure them in place. Place weights at the base of the device, near the road surface where they cannot become projectiles.

    • Can use a sandbag as a weight
      Can use a Tubular Marker Base as a weight
      Tubular Marker Base
      Do not use a Rock as a weight.
  • Traffic control devices should be removed as soon as they are no longer required.
  • Routine inspection and maintenance of work zones is required to ensure that signs and devices are in place and the traffic control operation is effective.
  • For long duration work, the site should be left clean and safe, stored equipment and materials should be delineated.