Traffic Control Person Hip Guide

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

TCPs must have and use the items shown below whenever they are on the job.

Personal Protective Equipment

High-Visibility Safety Apparel

Minimum of a high-visibility vest with a fluorescent yellow-green or orange-red background and contrasting fluorescent-retroreflective stripes that meet the requirements for the applicable CSA standard.

Safety Footwear

Minimum CSA-compliant Grade 1 safety footwear (green triangle). To protect the toes, the soles of the foot and provide ankle protection.

Safety Headgear

Fluorescent yellow-green or orange-red with a strip of reflective tape across the top from front to back and on each side.

Arm / Leg Bands

Worn below the elbows / knees, the bands have a 25 mm retroreflective centre stripe and have 25 mm of contrasting colour (fluorescent yellow-green or fluorescent orange-red background) on each side of the retroreflective band.

Traffic Control Paddle (C-027)

A red/yellow handheld sign. An optional extension pole that is 1.3-2.5 metres in length may be used to prevent fatigue.

Traffic Control Person Ahead Sign (C-001-1)

Placed in advance of each TCP station. The distance between the TCP Ahead sign and the TCP should not be more than 150 metres. The sign shall be removed or covered when TCPs are not actively controlling traffic.

More about PPE:

  • Weather or site-specific conditions may create hazards that require the use of additional PPE/devices, such as hearing protection, chin straps, safety glasses or respirators.
  • When working at night or during periods of poor visibility, TCPs are required to have and use a flashlight with red signalling wand, in addition to the PPE shown above.
  • TCPs must supply their own CSA approved Safety Footwear; all other PPE must be supplied by the employer.