Traffic Control Person Hip Guide

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Sample Radio Protocol

Before you step on the road

Before you step on the road...

  • Confirm the radios are working properly.
  • Make sure that you have spare batteries and that chargers are available.
  • Review radio protocol at the pre-job meeting.

Radio Operations

Radio Operations

  • Speak clearly
  • Confirm the message is received.
  • Identify yourself and the message recipient when working in groups that are greater than two persons.
  • Avoid unnecessary chatter as it can make it difficult for others to get through and depletes battery power.
  • Do not use inappropriate language or comments.

Radio Communications for TCPs

Radio Communications for TCPs

  • Tell your partner what their action should be, for example: Clear to send traffic / Hold your traffic / Hold all traffic.
  • Provide additional information, such as: pedestrian crossing, emergency vehicle approaching, equipment leaving jobsite.
  • When conducting single lane alternating traffic, confirm your last vehicle by stating the colour, make, model and if necessary other identifying characteristics (with a roof rack, out of Province plates).